Bridge Two MikroTik Devices

Bridge Two MikroTik Devices


Need a wireless bridge between two buildings or a quick backhaul link? Have a pair of RouterBoard 411?s with their original Level 3 license lying around? Then great, you have exactly what you need to build a point to point link. ?What? I thought I needed a level 4 license for one of the boards to be an access point? The level 3 license won?t let you use ?ap-bridge? mode.? You are correct! However, for a single client point to point, you can use ?bridge? mode on the wireless card that will act as the AP end of the link. In ?bridge? mode (as opposed to ?ap-bridge?) the AP acts as a normal AP but will only allow one client to associate. The link can still be routed or bridged in ?bridge? mode, the difference is only the number of clients it will support.

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