How to Build a Remote Reboot & High Cap. UPS

How to Build a Remote Reboot & High Cap. UPS


From our experience as a WISP, we have learned that the cost for a conventional high capacity UPS system can be very high. One way to build your own high capacity, feature rich UPS system is to use the Digital Loggers 24 volt midspan POE injector . This device injects 24 volts DC to power your 24 volt POE equipment and has a web interface to allow rebooting your equipment remotely as well as ping plus auto-reboot capability. In addition, this device has a built in trickle charger and automatic transfer switch. Therefore, by simply adding a pair of 12 volt batteries wired in series, you have a high capacity UPS.

The device can be powered by 120 VAC current or via a solar array or wind turbine, thereby giving you a multitude of options.

We are often asked "What type of batteries should I use." The answer is simple, any 12 volt, deep cycle battery will work, just make sure you use two batteries of the same voltage and amp hour rating. You can use the UPSPro? Battery Backup Time Calculator HERE to calculate the size of the batteries you require. Remember that when you connect batteries in series (+ to -), the amp hours do not add, only the voltage adds.


Here is a typical configuration:



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