How to Upgrade Ubiquiti Firmware

How to Upgrade Ubiquiti Firmware


Firmware Upgrade process

Contents: This guide describes the Firmware Upgrade process of AirOS.


  • UBNT devices to upgrade.
  • Ethernet Cable.
  • A PC or Laptop always configured to access the units (es. [1] ).


  • Do not switch off, do not reboot and do not disconnect the device from the power supply during the firmware upgrade process as these actions will damage the device!
  • It is highly recommended to backup the system configuration and the Support Info file before uploading the new configuration.
  • If Upgrade procedure fail, don't worry, you can try Factory Firmware Recovery Procedure


Step 1: Download Firmware file from UBNT Support page

  • From UBNT Support Page select specified Firmware for device (Nanostation2, Bullet5, Powerstation5,... ) to upgrade.
  • Download Firmware file and save on your PC.

Note : before to dowload, take a look to AirOS Firmware Revision History

Step 2: Upload Firmware package

  • Login your AirOS device via WEB browser, go to "SYSTEM" Tab.
  • In "FIRMWARE" Section, click "Upgrade...", will open a window popup (make sure your browser have popup enabled).
  • In "FIRMWARE UPLOAD" Window, click "Browse..." to navigate and select the new firmware file. From "Firmware File" select file just downloaded (e.g. XS2.ar2316.v3.3.1.4227.090128.1828.bin )
  • Click "Upload" and wait to complete transfer process.
    Note : If you wants to cancel upload process, click "Close this window" button.
  • Check if new Firmware are correctly transferred, press "Upgrade" and wait to complete upgrade process. The firmware upgrade routine can take 3-7 minutes.

    Note : AirOS based device will be unaccessible until the firmware upgrade routine is completed.
    Note : After upgrade process is activated, "Close this window" button closes the firmware upgrade window but will not cancel the firmware upgrade process!
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