IP Change Tool for Windows 10 and Windows XP

IP Change Tool for Windows 10 and Windows XP


Download Zip: [1]

This tool is for swapping IP addresses quickly when moving from multiple devices that require a static IP to access them.

Most Windows 10 default name for the ethernet is Ethernet so it should just work, if not just follow the same setup steps for the Windows XP below.


There are 3 files in the zip:

  • 1. readme.txt (general help for setup)
  • 2. Set IP.bat ( this is for Windows 10 should work with 7-10 but only tested on 10 )
  • 3. Set IP - XP.bat ( this is Windows XP )

For Windows XP there is some setup needed

Windows XP Setup

  • 1. Goto start run and type "cmd" and hit enter, this should bring up the command prompt
  • 2. In the command prompt type "ipconfig" to find the name of your Ethernet adapter


  • 3. Right click the "Set IP - XP.bat" file and choose "edit"
  • 4. On the 2cd line of code replace "interface adapter=Local Area Connection" with your interface name eg: interface adapter=My ethernet name ,
         do not put quotes around the name just type it exactly as it appears in your ipconfig output.



  • 5. Save the file and now you can just double click it to run it.

Download Zip: [2]

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