ISP Rolling Out Zendesk

ISP Rolling Out Zendesk

We are excited to be transitioning to Zendesk for our support. Our knowledge base is being populated with all the articles from our old Wiki and new content is being added daily. Thanks for stopping by!

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      The protective angle method is one of the three routes for lightning protection system design defined by IEC 62305, the international standard for lightning protection design. After the first step of determining the class of lightning protection ...
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      From ISP Supplies Customer Learning Center   default "operator" password changed as of firmware Pre-.82, it is 'wimax', and post-.82, it is 'Telrad4G' (case-sensitive).  
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      When configuring a new Teltonika modem, the only thing you have to set to get it to work is the APN. For AT&T SIMs purchased From ISP Supplies   For Verizon SIMs purchased from ISP Supplies A complete list of APN's we know of is HERE. For a complete ...
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