LTE Signal Best Practices

LTE Signal Best Practices


Here's the ranges that are good and best:

RSRP0 -116 dBm is low connection

 -105 dBm is good connection
-95 dBm is very good 
-80 dBm is too high ? the UE receiver starts to create errors, and throughput goes down


RSRP1 Should be within 2dB of RSRP0. If RSRP1 is 4-6 dB different than RSRP0, the UE starts to create errors.

CINR0 10 dB is a low connection

20 dB is a good connection
25 dB is a great connection

CINR1 Should be within 2 dB of CINR0, or errors will occur generated in the UE.

SINR0/SINR1 Should be within 2-4 dB of CINR0/CINR1

Tx Power On Compact 1000, in 3650 band, TX Power + Antenna gain must be less than 43 on 20MHz channel

                                                                                                       TX Power + Antenna gain must be less than 40 on 10 MHz channel

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