Netonix WISP-Switch & Mikrotik Router on a Stick Howto

Netonix WISP-Switch & Mikrotik Router on a Stick Howto

In this example we will build a router on a stick. We want to manage the switch from port 8 using inter vlan routing on the router. Here is the physical setup:


1. To configure the switch, set an IP address of on your laptop and log into the switch at using admin/admin, after connecting your laptop to the switchport 8.

2. Click the VLAN tab and using the (+) sign, add as many vlans as you plan to use. In this 2018-09-04_12-52-31__1_.pngcase we added 5.  Set the ID and add a description for each.  

3. Remember vlan 1 is untagged traffic to manage the switch.  Toggle the ports for vlan 1 until your screen looks like the example below.The letters T for Tagged and U for untagged toggle so keep clicking until you get the desired effect.  Do the same for all vlans.  Also, tick the box for port 8 "Trunk" port.  In this example, we have one access port for each vlan and three access ports for vlan 50 but you can modify as needed.

4. When your screen looks exactly like this one, click Save/Apply.


5. Connect to the router now and set your laptop IP to  Configure the following areas to enable the trunking: Interfaces (add vlans), IP Addresses, and DHCP Server.




At this point, you should be able to connect the router ether7 to switchport 8, and a laptop to switchport 1 and pull an IP address of  For switchport 2 you will pull and so on.  From any port you can manage the switch at via inter vlan routing.



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