Obtaining a 3.65 – 3.70 gHz License for LTE

Obtaining a 3.65 – 3.70 gHz License for LTE


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In 2007 the FCC issued a licensing scheme that would allow wireless operators the opportunity to harness the power of the 3.65 – 3.70 GHz spectrum. This opened up new service possibilities for independent ISPs and other competitive service providers.

Currently, it’s not possible to obtain a new NN license, but it is possible to have a license transferred to a new owner from a previous NN license holder.

This page will cover the necessary steps for transferring an NN license from one user to another using the FCC’s online process. 


If you have not completed a Form 602 to provide disclosure of the corporate entity who is obtaining the NN license, you should do that before beginning the transfer process.


You will need to provide the following the person you are buying the license from:

  • Your corporate FRN
  • Your Form 602 File Number
  • Your corporate Name/Address
  • The contact representative for the license transfer

There is a $70 application fee associated with the Form 603, that is payable online before the processing completes.



The person/company you are acquiring the license from has to log in to ULS and complete a Form 603 to initiate the transfer process.

  1. The other person should go here: http://wireless.fcc.gov/uls and click on “Online Filing Login.” They should log in with their FRN.
  2. Under the “My Licenses” application on the left, select the NN license that is to be transferred. On the right, select “Assign Authorization.”
  3. Answer “No” to the question presented (partitioning/disaggregation).
  4. Answer “Full Assignment.”
  5. Add the “NN” license to the application.
  6. Answer “Yes” to construction requirements.
  7. Answer “No” to the additional General Information questions.
  8. Answer “No” to the fee/waiver questions.
  9. Answer “No” to license transfer of control having already occurred. Answer “Voluntary” to the nature of the license assignment.  Answer “No” to Pro Forma.  Answer “Sale” to Type of Assignment or Transfer.
  10. Enter the assignor information (or click “Pre-Fill” to automatically fill in the current license information.
  11. Confirm (or fill in) the contact information for the Assignor Contact Representative.
  12. Enter the FRN of the receiving/purchasing entity.
  13. Complete the application disclosure information and the following steps.

A $70 fee is required to initiate the license transfer.  It will appear in the purchasing party’s ULS account for signing, which will complete the application with the FCC and begin the transfer initiation.  Both parties should regularly check ULS to confirm the application is processing through the system.

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