Having trouble accessing a default configuration page on wireless hardware?

Having trouble accessing a default configuration page on wireless hardware?

One of the most frequent issues that I receive is the inability to access the default login page on new equipment.  Sometimes the page comes up but the username and password do not work or even not at all.

Web Page Inaccessible/"Easy" Configuration is not working

One of the new trends is to make the configuration "easy" with the use of Apps via WiFi.  WiFi is often a difficult way to connect to a device and the usual method fails.  If this happens you will have to access the unit via Ethernet.  A simple Google search will identify the default IP on virtually all hardware.  Edit the IP address on your NIC (Ethernet Adapter) to match the subnet of the default IP address.  *Note: Do NOT use the same IP address as the default IP on the hardware*
Open a browser and type in the default IP.  This should bring up the configuration page on the hardware.

Default Username/Password Fails

This happens quite often when you are configuring multiple devices over and over again on the same computer.  The web server on small/inexpensive devices is often misconfigured and they add a "cookie" to your web browser's cache that does not get expired properly.  This means that it has cached the password change you typed into the previous unit and is not sending the actual information you are typing to the device.

Simply open up an Incognito/In Private browser window and the password should work properly.
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