Telrad Manuals

Telrad Manuals


CPE7000 Outdoor Manual: 151201_Dual_Mode_CPE7000_Outdoor_User_Manual.pdf

Compact QIG: Compact_QIG_216048.pdf

Configuring the LTE UE: Configuring_the_LTE_UE.pdf

Telrad Virtual EPC Manual: Telrad_Virtual_EPC_6.0_User_Manual.pdf

Using the Provisioning Tool: Using_the_Provisioning_Tool.pdf

Telrad BreezeCOMPACT System Manual for TD-LTE v6.0.1 Preliminary: Telrad_BreezeCOMPACT_System_Manual_for_TD-LTE_v6.0.1_prelimenary.pdf

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    • Telrad Public to customer setup using breezeview

        Telrad Public to customer setup using breezeview In BreezeView to enable the next field you have to hit TAB key on keyboard to get out of name field and it will unlock the rest of the fields. 1. Go to the EPC and expand the Service Authorization ...
    • Telrad 3.65 FCC Application

        Here is the information for an FCC ASR 3650-3700 MHz filing. This assumes the 65 degree 4-port, dual slant Alpha sector. Antenna manufacturer: Alpha Wireless Antenna Model Number: AW3023 Antenna gain: 18.0 dBi Beamwidth: 65deg Azimuth: 70.0deg ...
    • Telrad L2 PDN Howto

        Follow these steps in Breeze view. Once done, create a corresponding VLAN on your router facing the EPC with DHCP Server for this customer's router. That's it!      
    • FCC 3.65 Licensing Process

        Telrad 3.65 Licensing Information Antenna Data: Manuf: Alpha Wireless Antenna Gain: 18 dbi Center Line: height in meters AGL Elevation Angle: 0 (-4 options available) Model Number: AW3023 Beamwidth: 65 degrees Azimuth: 90 degrees Polarity: Dual +/- ...
    • LTE Customer Feedback

      This page contains actual feedback from our customers on their testing of the Telrad Compact 1000. Everything I'm going to talk about is UE in one hand, laptop in the other sitting in the cab of an F-150. All speed tests were to the Dallas Speakeasy ...