Ubiquiti airVision NVR-C Worth The Money

Ubiquiti airVision NVR-C Worth The Money


This is my quick review of the airVision NVR-C

I plugged the Ubiquiti airVision-C into power, added a cat 5 cable and launched my discovery tool which found it immediately. I launched my web browser (Safari) and logged into it, answered a few simple questions and I was ready to add cameras. We have 10 cameras in our office, 7 of which are airCams in one flavor or another. I know software NVR's can be overwhelmed by more than a handful of cameras so I proceeded to try and bring this device to it's knees. I was not able. The box discovered my airCams, allowed me to drag them to the default map, told me they needed a software upgrade, upgraded them and within five minutes I had nice views of all my airCams while automatically recording motion events. Better yet, web responsiveness was instant.

The packaging was very new, almost like buying an Apple device, complete with a fabric envelope the NVR was encased in. Plastic protective wrap, etc., it is all there.

The software is the easiest to set up and the best part is that it is fast, responsive and appears to be robust and stable.

I would recommend you buy this product rather than installing the software on an existing server. It is a purpose built device and it will perform very well compared to running the software on Windows.

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